Our Brands

We are the only UK compliant distributor of VitOrtho and NOW food supplements

Alongside the VitOrtho brand we also distribute NOW food supplements. One of the most important and highly qualified (GMP) players worldwide on the market of orthomolecular nutritional supplements. A innovative brand from the USA, which we feel, sits well alongside our own, complementing and adding to the range.

Minimal fillers and preservative are used, in order to maximise the space for high quality absorbable nutrients.

VitOrtho Food Supplements, a Dutch brand, have been supporting healthy lifestyles and diets throughout Holland for over 25 years. 

VitOrtho is a reliable, innovative brand and develops advanced, high-quality nutritional supplements which still offer realistic value for the customer. Our products use the best most absorbable bio-active forms of nutrients, with raw materials and natural additives that the body can tolerate and therefore allow maximum benefit for the body.

All products in the VitOrtho range are continually being improved and expanded upon.